3 Countries United: Peru-Bolivia-Chile in 24 days

The best way to see the beauty of the desert and highlands of this part of South America and 3 countries in 24 days.

Day 1: Arrival to International and transfer to Hotel

Day 2: city tour of Lima, visiting the market of Surquillo, Barranco, cooking class, Afternoon bus to Paracas,Β  overnight in Paracas

Day 3: Ballestas Islands tour, Afternoon bus to Nasca, Overnight in Nasca.

Day 4: Overflight to Nasca Lines, Bus to Arequipa. Overnight in Arequipa

Day 5: City tour of Arequipa, Overnight in Arequipa.

Day 6: Departure to ColcaΒ  and tour, Overnight in Cabanaconde

Day 7: Cross of Condor viewpoint and walk down the canyon to Sangalle, Overnight in Sangaye.

Day 8: walk up from Sangalle, and visit to Chivay, Overnight in Chivay

Day 9: route Chivay – Checacupe, overnight in Checacupe.

Day 10: Rainbow mountain tour, Depart to Ollantaytambo, overnight in Ollantaytambo.

Day 11: Departure to Machu Picchu and Tour , Train to Santa Teresa, Overnight in Santa Teresa.

Day 12: Route Santa Teresa – Cusco , Overnight in Cusco

Day 13: Cusco City tour, Overnight in Cusco.

Day 14: Bus Cusco – Puno. OvernightΒ  in Puno

Day 15: Tour Uros Floating islands and Taquile on the Titicaca Lake, Homestay in Taquile.

Day 16: Route Puno – Desaguadero (border with Bolivia), beginning of Bolivia tour. Visit to Tiahuanaco. Overnight in La Paz.

Day 17: La Paz city tour. Overnight in La Paz

Day 18: Flight to Uyuni, Tour to Salt flats of Uyuni day 1. Overnight in Uyuni.

Day 19: Tour to Sal Flats of Uyuni day 2 . Overnight in Uyuni.

Day 20: border crossing to Chile, end of Bolivia part and beginning of Chile tour. Arrival to San Pedro de Atacama. Tour to moon valley and observation of stars. Overnight in San Pedro.

Day 21: Tour to Geysers and rainbow valley. Overnight in San Pedro.

Day 22: Transfer to Calama and bus to Arica, Overnight in Arica.

Day 23: City Tour of Arica and border crossing, end of Chile tour. Return to Peru. Arrival to Tacna and flight to Lima. Overnight in Lima

Day 24: City tour of the downtown of Lima Visit to archaeological museum and transfer to International Airport.

End of Tour.


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