5 Travel Tips before you visit Machu Picchu

On your way to Machu Picchu? Once at the entrance of the world wonder you will need this 5 travel tips:


  • Before visiting the site you will need to remember that your ticket is valid for 3 visits within a day, each time you will be given a stamp… save this chances to go to the bathrooms (they are outside the archaeological site) or buying something to eat. *latest updates from the archaeological site have informed that after the 1st of July this situation may change reducing the chances to use the ticket to just 1.
  • You are not allowed to get inside Machupicchu with big backpacks, there is a storage near the toilets, and for a low cost (4 soles = 1.30 dollars) you can get rid of the problem during all your visit.
  • Hungry? There is 1 restaurant at the entrance of the archaeological site and it belongs to the hotel Sanctuary Lodge (the only one this close to the archaeological site) prices are higher than average but taste good. You can get mainly sandwiches, pastries and refreshments.
  • Toilets are outside, the cost is 1 sol = 0.30 cents of dollar (located under the restaurant)
  • Do you want to take a unique souvenir to remind you this visit forever? A stamp is a memorable way… At the exit (near the toilets) you can stamp your passport for free. P.S.: they are given after 9 am

Photo credits and text: Vanessa Vasquez

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  1. I’ve always wanted to go here! Thanks for the tips. Someday.

    1. Of course! now is easy and stills very affordable. and when the time comes here you have a local helper for any questions and doubts. Best regards!

  2. Someday, you’ll see! let me know of your visit if you ever make your way to Peru.

  3. stacybraiuca says:

    Vanessa, Great post. I had friends who went to Machu Picchu last year. I wish they would have had this before they went. I can’t believe it costs to use the restroom, but I guess for eco reasons, I understand it too.

    1. Hi Stacy, yes, sometimes it’s complicated to know ahead of time some details like those mentioned, hope this can be useful for another friend or maybe for you in a future visit! Thanks for your comment

  4. klaunder4817 says:

    These are great tips. If I ever get the chance to go here now I’ll know what to expect!

    1. Thanks! And remember the rain poncho, sunblock and insect repellent, it can be cloudy, rainy and sunny all in one day! Hope you come one day.

  5. Wow that’s very interesting. I’m not familiar with the place at all. Where’s it at and what is it?

    1. Thanks!, Machu Picchu is best known as 1 of the 7 wonders of the world and pride of Peruvians, built by the Inca culture is a magical site with a halo of mystery… I hope you come one day.

  6. I wish you had posted this three years ago! I did visit here with my family then, but unfortunately I got very, very sick and had to spend a couple days in the hospital there. One thing I would advise anyone travelling to Peru–DO NOT eat the food unless it’s been cooked and DO NOT drink the tap there!

    1. You are right, those are the top 2 advised after my number 1: drink lots of water to avoid altitude sickness. This is a good idea for another post! Thanks.

  7. Marina says:

    Great tips! Good to know there’s only one restaurant, good to know to pack some food!

    1. Yes, this is a good tip and not everybody even thing in asking about this because as a visitor to MachuPicchu one just want to make its way there and see the world wonder. Hope this post and the blog can be a good source of info. Regards

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