5 weird things you can eat in Peru

Peru has gained international recognition as the land of the Inkas, Machu Picchu, and great food.

Peruvians love this new fame. In terms of food, I would say we have a really good taste, but there are some local delicacies that may be considered peculiar or strange for the rest of the world, here a give you a list of 5 unusual meals we love and foreigners simply can miss to have:

  1. Roast guinea pig: known in Peru as Cuy is a local delicacy! roasted is one of the many ways of trying it but stew is another yummy option.
  2. Anticuchos: Or beef heart is a popular dish in Lima served on a stick are first marinated in chili and herbs. served hot is tasty especially after night comes in winter.
  3. Chicha: is a light beer of corn, prepared artisanally by housewives at home in the highlands of Peru (try it in Cusco), there is another Chicha named Morada, is not a beer of corn, is a boiling of purple corn, pineapple, cinnamon, drops of lemon and sugar! great for everyone.
  4. Ceviche: delicious and internationally famous is still considered a “strange food”, the fish recipe is cooked in the juice of a very acidic lemon and not with fire. don’t miss to try it.
  5. Suri: believe it or not, in the amazon of Peru people still eat Suri (a finger size worm) and all kinds of insects including tarantula and ants. Some people say that it taste like chicken!

Click on the video to know how are Anticuchos, and follow on youtube to get more curious videos about Peru.

As part of my heritage, eating the things on the list (but Suri as the only exception) is part of my (almost) everyday routine when I am traveling with groups or with my family…Suri is on top of my must-try list and I hope to accomplish this desire soon to share it with you.

So, let me know what are the weirdest foods in your country?

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