Larco Museum, top attraction of Lima

When time for touring Lima is short, choosing the right places to visit is important. If museums are always part of your tour plan “Museum Larco” is an unmissable destination.

Stablished on 1926 in Trujillo (north coast of Peru) and moved to Lima on the 1960’s is a huge private collection conformed by over 45000 pieces of potteries, textiles , silver and gold pre-Inka.

The highlight of ceramics collection are the postrait vessels, this super realistic potteries have no comparasing in all Peru and America. They were made during times of the Moche Culture, dating back the VII century of our era. many centuries before the Inkas.

The museum has other highlights , a pre-hispanic erotic galleryand a gift shop supplied with replicas of the poteries and jewelry exhibited in the collection. The restaurant of the museum is also highly recommended!


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