Nothing compares to a sunset on the sea – Miraflores

View of San Lorenzo island visible from Lima

Few days ago I had a group from Taiwan, these people were so friendly and nice, their only requirement was so see the sunset, in their country they were not able to see the sun coming out or going into the sea, so they considered this a highlight.

Picture taken from the Love park of Miraflores

So I prepared a surprise for them, and at 6 pm we went into the Love Park of Miraflores, there we waited paciently on this natural spectacle, the sunset.

The colors in the sky are wow.., I have seen it pink, purple, blue, ret, yellow, orange, green… like a rainbow. Summer is the inly ocacion on the year when visibility is perfect to observe this beauty.

If by chance you are visitg Lima and you want to get a great postcard picture come to the cliffs of Miraflores and await, sunset happends at quarter to 6 in winter (if wheather is not cloudy) and 6 25 moreless on summer. Is a free spectacle of nature that you can’t miss.

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