Lima The Gray, But Beautiful.

Some people think that for the only fact that Lima city (capital of Perú) is located next to the Pacific ocean and near the equatorial line, is an all year round sunny city , and gets a blue sky 12 month a year; nothing farter away from truth ladies and gents , Lima is misty and foggy for about 7 month every year (from april to October.)

Lima’s grayness gives to the city an special caracter, Lima has an interesting, mysterious, bohemian, fresh climate during winter, that invites you to be hugged by your boyfriend (that is the season most proper to start courtage) while you are walking together through the streets and parks of Miraflores (like the Love Park)  or Barranco, a good time to take a hot drink like a hot chocolate or the local “Emoliente” (a must-try local drink that you can get at any corner of Lima) without needing to wear too heavy clothes , gloves or hats….don’t forget the unique landscape of the city facing the ocean and that misterious halo that is unforgettable . I can’t see any uglyness in Lima’s gray sky.
I hope gray turns into your favorite color after visiting Lima.

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