10 Movies For Travel Lovers

If you love adventure, and traveling is a very important part of your life I can imagine how hard this quarantine has been for you (it has not been easy for me, too), planning future trips has been a lifesaver and a way out of depression in many occasions to take distance from my real problems, I can even say that I have become more ambitious in the trips and destinations that I would like to visit, and as many say that dreaming costs nothing, I firmly stick to putting everything on papers to one day see it happen.

My favorite way to inspire me for my next adventures and to distract my adventurous heart is by travel movies, some of them have been very useful to meet new destinations, and specially to avoid the emotional downfall of being locked up at home for so long. Next I would like to share with you my list of favorite titles that I think can inspire you and prepare you for next adventures, you will also find a brief description of each one of them and the places where the stories took place… let’s start!

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Eat, Pray, Love

Elizabeth goes through a personal crisis and decides to abandon her life in New York to find a meaning in her life, learning about the pleasure of enjoying good cuisine and good company in Rome, learning about meditation and spirituality in Bombay, and discovering love in Bali.

Places you will see: Italy / Rome, India / Bombay, Indonesia / Bali

My Life in Ruins

Our protagonist is Georgia, a tour guide who is going through some existential and professional conflicts, in addition she must deal with a somewhat difficult group of tourists. The film takes place among the most important tourist attractions in Greece. A must for anyone who wants to be a tour guide.

Places you will see: Greece / Delphi – Olympia – Athens among others

7 years in Tibet

This film develops in the context of the Second World War. Heinrich is a famous Austrian climber who represents the 3rd Reich and tries to conquer the 8th highest mountain in the world, a series of tragic events change the course of his life,being trapped in Tibet for 7 years and becoming a close friend of a young Dalai Lama, the experiences he lives and the people he meets change his life for ever.

Places you will see: Tibet / Lhasa

The Beach

A young man seeking for adventure in Thailand tries to find a mythical island that is said to be a paradise, he convinces a French couple to go with him, unleashing a series of dangerous situations.

Places you will see: Thailand / Bangkok and Paradisiac beaches in the Gulf of Thailand


Norwegian adventurer Thor Heyerdahl believes that the South Pacific islands were conquered by the Incas, to test his theory he and his expedition built a boat similar to those used in pre-Hispanic times and embarked on a 101-day adventure departing from Callao and finally arriving in French Polynesia.

Places you will see: South Pacific Ocean

Motorcycle diaries – Diarios de Motocicleta (original title)

Film about the life of Che Guevara before being Guerrillero-leader, the story focuses on his journey through some South American countries in 1952, when he learnt about the great social divisions of Latin Americans that became the most fundamental element of his discourse in later years. During the Film you can see the recreation of a very quiet Machu Picchu from the 50s.

Places you will see: Argentina, Chile / Atacama, Perú / Cusco – Machu Picchu – Lima – Peruvian Amazon


The story centers on Amelie, a young woman with a tragic life, little interest in romantic relationships and her desire to make everyone around her happy.

Places you will see: France– Paris

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Lost in Translation

Bob is an American actor who travels to Tokyo to make a series of commercials for a whiskey brand, being surprised by Japanese manners and culture. Later he meets Charlotte, the wife of a photographer who spends most of her time alone waiting for her husband. They spend a lot of time together getting to know different places in the city, soon the friendship between them becomes an attraction.

Places you will see : Japan / Tokyo

Bajo el sol de la Toscana / Under the Tuscan Sun (título original)

Frances is in deep depression after her divorce, to overcome this situation she takes a tour of Italy. Upon arriving to beautiful Tuscany she feels the desire to stay and following her impulses buys an old house, making new friends and learning to enjoy life.

Places you will see: Italy / Tuscany (Cortona)

La ciudad perdida de Z / The lost city of Z (Título original)

During First World War, Percy, an explorer interested in discovering the location of the legendary city of Z, embarks on an adventure with no return that will lead him to see a world until then unexplored. The film takes place in the Amazon jungle of Brazil.

Places you will see: Brasil / Mató Grosso (pantanal)

What did you think of my list ?, you still have time to enjoy all my recommendations. Im sure that after watching all these movies you will be ready to take your backpack and go out to see the world, or at least a bit more relaxed and in better mood. I would love to read about your favorite travel movies too, or maybe about a movie set in your city. Leave me your comments below. Until a next time.

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