5 Authentic and Weird Dishes you can Eat in Peru

     Peru has gained international recognition as “the Land of the Inkas”, the land of Machu Picchu, and of course the land of the best food in America. We Peruvians love this new fame and sudden attention and are enjoying it so much. Anywhere we go we talk about our dishes, we post pictures…


My day in Santa Cruz – Bolivia

   A couple of years ago I made a great choice, visiting Bolivia as my first international destination, best choice ever…! not far away from Peru, inexpensive, culturally rich, very similar to my country, and beautiful. Here I tell you all the details of my day in Santa Cruz city.

Travel Tips to visit Machu Picchu

     On your way to Machu Picchu? Once at the entrance of the “World’s wonder” is important to check out first to following tips for a successful visit: Before visiting the site you will need to remember that your ticket is valid for 1 time (it used to be 3 visits within a day,…

Churros, the famous dessert with a local twist.

I recently learned that most people know only one version of the “Churros” (a famous Latin American sweet pastry), a more simple one that is sweet and crunchy and covered with sugar, like the picture above, but just that. In Lima, we have also another version, even better if that is possible, ours is stuffed with cream inside. You have no idea how good it is, so if you ever come to visit Peru, try one!.

Hop’s Brewery and Restaurant. Great Artesanal Beer in Lima

Do you like beer? If your answer is yes you should read this post. In this post, one of the best places in Lima to try craftmade beer.

Peruvian “Pollerias”, Roasted Chicken with a Local Touch.

     One of the Peruvian basic meals is the “Pollo a la Brasa” a succulent, high caloric, and always delicious must-try dish. As Usual, the secret is in the sauce used to marinate the chicken before is cooked in a rotisserie style… crunchy outside and juicy inside…just perfect! Pollerias, name given to the restaurants…

Larco Museum, top attraction of Lima

     When comes the time for a good museum in Lima, your first option should be the Larco Museum.  Unfortunately, Time for touring Lima city is limited, so choosing the right places to visit becomes vital in a city of 43 districts, several museums, and a hectic traffic that sometimes becomes a nightmare. Larco…

Project Pieta, Clothes that Change Lives

A few days ago, I learned about a local fashion brand with a very special story, not just another cool clothes and accessories collection, Project Pieta is so much more, and their clothes can change lives. Visiting this store changed my mind completely about what fashion can do for people, and how many lives can…