Buganvilias, Lima’s favourite flower

These flowers are decorating almost every corner of Lima, from the most modest zones of this city, until the exclusive parks in residential districts such as Miraflores or San Isidro. Lima loves this flower. I remember seeing buganvilias every morning on my way to school, for 11 years I saw the same flowers, those trees…

EKEKO, the Genie of good luck

Who has never seen an Ekeko placed in a house or at an establishment before?… If your answer is No, I haven’t is definitely because you are neither Peruvian or Bolivian… wondering what this figurine is about?

Park Maria Reiche, Miraflores-Lima

The park María Reiche is one of the most beautiful of Miraflores by night time, the location of the park right above the cliff, and the figures of the Nazca lines illuminated by night time, its multicolored flowers and the very sea view make this place a good destination for anyone looking for a relaxing walk….

Molle, the virtuous tree

This beautiful native tree of Peru called MOLLE is an evergreen tree, adapted to the climates of the 3 natural regions of Peru: coast, highlands, and jungle. A tree of great healing properties made it back in the Incan times, a plant of great value for our native people, among its many uses we know it as…

Marcahuasi, UFOs and mysticism

The first time I visited the mysterious Marcahuasi was about 12 years ago, I went there looking for a short holiday in the company of fellows wannabe-guides. I knew about the fame of this place since long before: a magnet for UFO, a place of energies, a place where spirits or ghosts can be felt and seen… I was looking for that, and that is what we got.

Pique macho, a Bolivian classic

When my first trip to Bolivia was confirmed (about 2 years ago), my well-traveled good friends said to me: don’t forget to try a PIQUE MACHO. I had no idea what is was, it was described to me as another classic, this time Peruvian, called Salchipapas: French fries + fried hot dog and sometimes a fried egg on top.

A Park for the imagination

A few days ago my girls and I were merrily surprised by a great amusement park called “Parque de la Imaginacion” or park of the Imagination, this place is ideal for children from 3 to 13 years old and its lots of fun with science in one same place.

San Isidro, the ultramodern side of Lima – Peru

The business district of San Isidro, the financial zone of Lima, commemorates in all aspects modernity, great architectural taste, and high seismic-probe technology, is itself a symbol of XXI century’s fashion.

About the casual food and drinking culture in Bogota – Colombia

Colombians are great people to hang out with, they are great storytellers and always know how to have fun. The nightlife in the capital city is well known to be pretty wild. There is an area of Bogota called Zona Rosa (pink zone) where nightclubs, bars, and restaurants are displayed for anyone in search of Local interaction,…

The Gold Museum of Bogota – Colombia

  This museum has been on my bucket list for ages. In my country (Peru) there is one Gold Museum, a display of 1 floor that offers a look into the cultural wealth of ancient civilizations in that area of South America. Since long I had a great curiosity for this other one, I was described to…

Tips to visit Bogota – Colombia

My current location is Colombia. Now, installed in my accommodation for the next 3 days located in the capital city of Bogota (an Airbnb) I’m running to give you my first-hand travel tips for your future travels to this country.